Thread Lift

What is threadlift?

Thread Lift is a procedure to lift and firm your skin against sagging, which is something that occurs naturally as one ages.

How does Thread Lift work?

In Thread Lift procedures, medical-grade thread materials are inserted into your face before your skin is pulled upwards by tightening the thread.

Since these threads are medical-grade, they will dissolve into your bloodstream harmlessly over time. This threading will also induce collagen production in the threaded area, so that your skin will stay elastic and firm even after the thread has dissolved.

You will be given local anaesthesia prior to the treatment so that you will not feel pain in the threaded area. Some common areas where thread lifts are applied include the jawline, browline, under-eye area, forehead and the cheeks.

Benefits of Thread Lift

Frequently Asked Question

There are little to no side effects for thread lifts.

You may experience minor redness, bruising and swelling immediately after the treatment, these issues may resolve within a week.

One session will need about 30-45 minutes. Once you have gone for a session, the results may last between 1-3 years, after which you can repeat the procedure if deemed necessary.

Thread Lift is also used for…

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