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Acne & Acne Scar

Acne can appear around your face and neck, and sometimes, even on your chest, back or shoulders! These pimples are a result of oil, dead skin cells and other pollutants clogging the sebaceous glands around the fine hair follicles on your skin.

While considered as a common issue, acne is also a problem that plagues many due to the reddish appearance and uneven bumps that they can create on your face. A pimple or two on your face may not be a big issue, but acne can also spread to the surrounding skin area, making the bumps and coloring more prominent.

For some of us, the acne scars left behind becomes an even bigger problem as well – uneven skin texture, skin discoloration, or sunken/pitted skin. We understand the feeling of having acne breakouts and acne scars. We too, want to have a smooth, firm face that we can be confident of, and this is why EE Clinic provides several treatment options to tackle your acne issues.

Our services to help with your acne & acne scar :

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Wrinkles & Lines

As we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity due to lower production of collagen, which is the primary contributor to your skin’s elasticity and firmness in your youth.

With the loss of skin elasticity, aging can give rise to wrinkles and fine lines around a person’s face. The common wrinkles bothering most of our clients are the wrinkles around our eyes, forehead and mouth. There are also clients who are bothered by the fine lines on their neck, forearms, hands and other areas of their body. There are other reasons that wrinkles may appear, such as due to damage from the sun, smoking and so on.

While there are anti-wrinkle creams to help prevent more wrinkles from appearing on your face, there are other solutions for which the results are more long-term.

Our services to help with your wrinkles & fine lines :

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Face / Neck Lifting

Some of the earliest signs of aging start on our faces. You could be thinking of wrinkles and eye bags, for example. Then, there’s also saggy skin accompanied with the loss of tissue volume. As we age, we produce less collagen. Collagen helps to keep our skin firm and youthful, and so the decreased amount may cause our skin to start sagging.

Don’t worry – it’s all normal. You may have found facelifting or skin firming creams sold online, but these products are rarely effective, if at all.

However, there are various treatments available now to lift and tighten loose skin and the underlying soft tissues (the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS)) in our face and neck. You can opt for surgical or non-surgical facelift. For simpler face lift procedures, they can also be non-invasive and painless with virtually no down time at all!

Our services to help with your face or neck lifting :

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Face Reshaping (Face, Chin, Nose, Lips)

Want to achieve a perfect V-shaped face? With minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures on the rise, you can now reshape your face without plastic surgery or going under the knife at all.

Whether you’re looking for fillers, thread lifts, non-invasive fat reduction or any other non-invasive cosmetic procedures, there are always options to reshape your face to combat the visual signs of aging, such as through refining your wrinkles, volume loss and skin sagging.

Many of these services also include collagen production stimulation to tighten your skin in the long term, giving you a more youthful appearance pretty much immediately after your first few treatments.

Our services to help with reshaping your facial features :

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Eye Bag & Dark Eye Circle

Various factors can contribute to the formation of eyebags and dark eye circles. These features are exceptionally noticeable when you have been sleep-deprived or when you have naturally paler skin, but may also stay for a longer term as you grow older.

Regardless of the type of skin you have or how rigorous your skincare routine is, the veins under your skin will become more prominent as you age. With lowered collagen production, the skin surrounding your eyes become thinner and these veins start to show through, leading to the appearance of dark eye circles.

At the same time, the skin and muscles around your eyes may start to weaken, causing the fats and skin to droop downwards, leading to the appearance of eye bags. Fluid accumulation in this area may also lead to the temporary worsening of your eye bags.

Thankfully, there are ways to help decrease the prominence of these panda eyes as we know it.

Our services to help with eyebags & dark eye circles :

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