Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Dr. Ee Care Ling

M.D (KSMU, Russia), American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA), LCP Certified

With every great effort comes greater expert.

The very essence of EE Clinic was outlined and put together by the very charismatic Dr. Ee Care Ling, an expert behind the field of aesthethic medicine with years of experience under her belt.

The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA) alumni supplemented her professional sanction by also being a member of Malaysia Society Aesthetic Medicine and Life Member of the Society of Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Malaysia where she gained credit and the know-hows to unravel the truth behind aesthetic medicine and it’s benediction to uncover the beauty in everyone. Known for her dexterity and charms with a meticulous attention for details, Dr. Ee Care Ling has been running the circuit, attending countless training and workshops from experts the world over and is here to help you, find your own elegance.

Our Doctors

Dr. Fong Chee Khai

Dr. Fong is well known in our team for his passion towards making others feel good and be more confident with their own skin and body. He is enthusiastic in complementing natural and inner beauty of everyone with state-of-the-art equipment and technology at EE Clinic. Since joining EE Clinic in year 2020, Dr. Fong constantly upgrading his clinical knowledge and procedural techniques in the industry to improve his client’s experience and outcome. Towards the end of 2021, Dr. Fong was promoted to be the Resident Aesthetic Consultant of the second branch of EE Clinic at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

Dr. Fong has exhibited his passion for the beauty industry through the uprise of beauty trends which has made many people, both male and female, to feel a need to change themselves. Instead of ageing gracefully, Dr. Fong is determined to help you age youthfully.

When he’s not working on beautifying his clients as a doctor, Dr. Fong is an aquarist. He is obsessed with his fish tank and making fish keeping his second passion. He is responsible for maintaining the beautiful aquarium at our clinics as we provide a soothing environment which helps our clients relax.

Our Doctors

Dr. Tey Seic Ling

Dr Celine Tey is a certified Aesthetic Consultant with LCP recognized by Ministry of Health Malaysia. Dr. Tey graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, she also obtained her second degree in Acupuncture from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Tey is well known as a soft and gentle doctor. She joined EE Clinic as she has the same philosophy as EE Clinic to provide the latest and highest quality of medical grade aesthetic procedure for everyone, creating a healthy looking facial harmony incorporating the principle of ‘Do No Harm’. In her medical practice, she focuses on integrating facial sculpting and women body aesthetic. She also likes to combine Western and Chinese medicine in advising her patients on wellness and chronic pain management.

Dr Tey is very patient in explaining treatment mechanisms and carefully customizing every single procedure according to patient’s needs, emphasizing on practice honesty, integrity and patient safety. Her goal is to help her clients gain confidence through looking youthful, beautiful and elegant.