What is OxyGeneo?

OxyGeneo is an effective facial treatment to help your skin look youthful and brand new.

How does OxyGeneo work?

OxyGeneo utilizes natural physiological processes to increase the oxygen levels in your skin, resulting in effective treatments and immediate results.

Your skin is first exfoliated to remove the dead cells, smoothening and renewing your skin. OxyGeneo treatments then cleanses your skin while infusing nutrient-rich active ingredients into your freshly-exfoliated skin. Then, CO2 bubbles are produced, bursting on your skin surface to create a physiological response.

Responding to the CO2 supply, your bloodstream will send oxygen-rich blood to the treatment area, increasing your skin metabolism. This helps your skin to absorb the active ingredients which were just applied!

Benefits of OxyGeneo

Frequently Asked Question

There is little to no downtime for Profhilo, which is outlined in the section below. 

You may experience mild redness on your skin immediately after the treatment, which will clear up within several hours.

Each session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour. You can go for an oxygeneo once every other week at the beginning of your treatments if you have severe skin conditions, and this interval can be lengthened to 4-6 weeks interval after your skin has been optimized.

OxyGeneo is also used for…

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