What is Ellanse?

Ellanse is a type of dermal filler aimed at stimulating collagen production to help with anti-aging procedures.

How does Ellanse work?

Ellanse is a dual-action dermal filler which can correct the fine lines and skin folds on your skin almost immediately after one treatment session.

This dermal filler also works within the dermal layer of your skin to stimulate collagen production to keep your face looking youthful. The main ingredient of Ellanse, polycaprolactone, is an absorbable and biodegradable material which uses your body’s natural response to foreign bodies to stimulate collagen production around the injected filler.

As a result, your face will immediately appear smoother, and your facial features will appear youthful and rejuvenated as well.

Benefits of Ellanse

Frequently Asked Question

There is little to no downtime for Ellanse, which is outlined in the section below.  

You may experience some redness and swelling at the site of injection immediately after the treatment, but this will fade away quickly as well.

Ellanse injectables are highly effective, so you may only need one session every 2 to 4 years. However, the duration of one session will depend on the number of syringes you need for the severity of the aging issue.

Ellanse is also used for…


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