EE Clinic

About EE Clinic

Embracing Elegance

We are a LCP-certified (Letter of Credential and Privilege) clinic in Malaysia. Constantly pushing the boundaries in the arena, we strive to bring you only the finest and medically-proven aesthetics procedures, coupled with tactful and superior services to our customers.

We understand that it is no easy feat to look good at all times. This is why our transformation programs are powered by FDA-approved equipment, specially crafted for today’s sophisticated and busy individuals with unique needs. We deliver effective, long lasting results and best of all, it’s a hassle-free process!

We are working towards becoming one of the leading aesthetics clinics in the region with an array of advanced procedures. Our highly-trained doctors, consultants and therapists are here to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with EE Clinic.

EE Inspiration

Inspired to inspire, the symmetrically-paired EE resembles a symbol of intimacy and benevolence, of how we endeavor in building a strong, affectionate relationship between us and our customers while the impeccable outer square marks a sign of assurance, honor and elegance in every way possible.

Serving them a plateful of hope and confidence they direly deserve because we know, there’s always beauty in everyone. The question is do they want it discovered?